Look Book


Apply BaByliss PRO Argan Oil Cream-to-Serum Styler to clean damp hair and blow dry using a wide paddle brush. Below the cheekbone take small to medium square sections and wrap the hair around a BaByliss PRO Glitz Waving Wand from roots to ends.

Above the cheekbone follow the same technique but only wrap the hair from mid-lengths to ends. Apply a small amount of Babyliss PRO Argan Oil Treatment to the hands and with your fingers to separate and define curls. Finish with BaByliss PRO Argan Oil Hairspray. 

Using the BaByliss PRO Glitz wand produces curl variation for a softer look.  For a more structured defined option with even sized curls use a BaByliss PRO Starlet Curling Tong.

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